Top 10 Universities in the UK: A Guide to Fees and Scholarships

The United Kingdom is renowned for its prestigious universities, offering a world-class education that attracts students globally. If you’re considering studying in the UK, here’s a guide to the top 10 universities, along with insights into their fees and scholarships available for international students.

1. University of Oxford

City/Town: Oxford Fees: For international undergraduate students, fees start at around £26,770 per year. Scholarships: Various scholarships are available, including the Clarendon Scholarship which offers full tuition and a generous annual grant for living expenses.

2. University of Cambridge

City/Town: Cambridge Fees: International students can expect to pay between £22,227 and £58,038 depending on the course1. Scholarships: The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge plus additional discretionary funding.

3. Imperial College London

City/Town: London Fees: Fees for international students average around £31,000 per year. Scholarships: Imperial College offers a range of scholarships, including the President’s PhD Scholarships which provide full funding for up to 3.5 years.

4. UCL (University College London)

City/Town: London Fees: International undergraduate fees start at £21,960. Scholarships: UCL offers the Global Excellence Scholarship which provides financial support to exceptional international students.

5. University of Edinburgh

City/Town: Edinburgh Fees: The fees for international students start at £23,200. Scholarships: The Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship awards outstanding overseas PhD applicants by covering the difference between home and international tuition fees.

6. King’s College London

City/Town: London Fees: International students’ fees start at approximately £20,000. Scholarships: King’s offers various scholarships, including the King’s International Scholarship which partially funds international students.

7. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

City/Town: London Fees: For international students, fees can range from £22,430 to £30,960. Scholarships: LSE provides a range of scholarships and awards to support international students, including the LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme.

8. University of Manchester

City/Town: Manchester Fees: International tuition fees average around £25,000 per year. Scholarships: The University of Manchester offers the Manchester International Excellence Scholarship for high-achieving international students.

9. University of Bristol

City/Town: Bristol Fees: Fees for international undergraduates start at £20,100. Scholarships: Bristol University offers the Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships which provide up to £20,000 in tuition fee discounts.

10. University of Glasgow

City/Town: Glasgow Fees: International student fees start at £20,400. Scholarships: The University of Glasgow offers a variety of scholarships, such as the International Leadership Scholarship.

Applying for Scholarships

When applying for scholarships, it’s important to start early and meet all the application deadlines. Make sure to check each university’s official website for the most up-to-date information on fees and scholarships. Remember, scholarships are competitive, so it’s crucial to prepare a strong application that highlights your academic achievements and extracurricular involvement.


Scholarships in the UK offer a range of financial support options for international students, from partial to full funding. Here’s an overview of some key scholarship programs and tips for applying:

UK Government Scholarships

  • GREAT Scholarships: These are available for students from 15 countries, offering £10,000 towards tuition fees for a variety of one-year postgraduate courses.
  • Chevening Scholarships: Fully funded master’s degrees are available through this prestigious scholarship program.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships: Aimed at students from Commonwealth countries, these scholarships support talented individuals with the potential to make a global impact.

Institution-Specific Scholarships

Many UK universities offer their scholarships, which may cover tuition fees, living expenses, or both. These are often merit-based and may require a separate application process.

Tips for Applying for Scholarships

  1. Start Early: Begin your search well in advance to meet all application deadlines.
  2. Research: Use comprehensive scholarship databases to find opportunities that match your profile.
  3. Prepare a Strong Application: Highlight your academic achievements, leadership qualities, and extracurricular activities.
  4. Follow Instructions: Ensure you meet all the criteria and submit the required documents.
  5. Apply Widely: Don’t limit yourself to one scholarship; apply for as many as you are eligible for to increase your chances.

Remember, scholarships can be highly competitive, so it’s important to put your best foot forward with each application. Go


Studying in the UK is an investment in your future. With careful planning and research, you can find the right university and financial support to make your educational goals a reality. Good luck!

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